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Like Father, Like Son – Another project reaching a successful end!

By November 13, 2023No Comments
👉 Emphasys Centre participated in the final meeting of the KA2 Adult project ‘ Like Father Like Son ‘ – ‘Parental education and Augmented Reality to prevent bullying among children, which took place in Monza, Italy, on the 8th-9th of November 2023.
🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️ The project aims to equip parents and guardians of children (10–15 years old) with knowledge, skills, and tools to support them in dealing with issues such as discrimination and abuse and contribute to the prevention of bullying and violence against children.
During the meeting, the final steps of the project were discussed, along with the implementation of various activities at a national and local level by the partners!
💯 We would like to thank the coordinator of the project Udruga roditelja Korak po korak (Croatia), Consorzio Comunità Brianza (Italy) for hosting the meeting as well as the rest of the partners, Observal (Spain), Formative Footprint (Spain), KMOP (Greece), Atermon (Netherlands) for the excellent collaboration.
For more information about the project, check out https://likefatherlikeson.eu/