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The C1 training mobility of the ONLINE project!

By November 20, 2023No Comments
🧠 THINK before you speak”
T = is it TRUE?
H = is it HELPFUL?
I = is it INSPIRING?
N = is it NECESSARY?
K = is it KIND?
🗓️ Between the 15th – 17th of November 2023, the C1 training mobility of the ONLINE project took place in Sofia, Bulgaria.
💯 The Erasmus+ KA2 School Project: ONLINE – teaching and training young students about the DigCompConsumers through client-based challenges and ICT, wants to offer micro-learning opportunities for teachers (working with students aged 11-14 years old) in acquiring new digital competencies to increase their capabilities to act safety and assertively in the digital marketplace and transfer the acquired skills to their student to allow them to act consciously and safely on the online market field 🛍️ while innovating the teaching of technology and digital skills at school.
👉During the Training, all partners had the opportunity to present the module that each had developed and all teachers and trainers provided feedback in order to finalise before proceeding with the localisations. Additionally, on the 16th of November, our partners from Italy, DLearn provided an additional training on how to dissemination and promote the project even further.
🙏We would like to thank our hosts LINKgroupEU (BG) for their excellent hospitality, as well as the rest of the consortium PNA no Agrupamento de Escolas José Estêvão (PT), European Digital Learning Network ETS – Dlearn (IT), Institut za moderno obrazovanje (SB) and Colegiul National “Mihai Eminescu” Bucuresti (RO) for their excellent collaboration.
ℹ️ For more information about the project check out: https://online-project.eu/ and stay tuned for the project platform!