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The JOBS4ALL C1 Training Mobility!

By February 7, 2024No Comments
🌍 In the EU, individuals with disabilities have a 50.6% employment rate, compared to 74.8% for those without disabilities. However, certain groups, like women, young individuals, and those with high support needs, face increased exclusion from the labour market due to numerous restrictions.
💪 The JOBS4ALL project aims to enhance the skills of youth workers, trainers, and educators working with young people with disabilities. It seeks to improve existing training programmes and establish a broader community to offer equal access to opportunities in the labour market, fostering personal growth and confidence.
👉 The C1 Training Mobility for this project took place between the 29th of January – 2nd of February 2024, in Nicosia, Cyprus at the premises of Emphasys Centre. During the training, the participants presented the training materials created for YPwDs and YWs, and also had the opportunity to test the VR simulations based on the scenarios developed.
👏 A big thank you to the coordinator of the project NATIONAL CENTER FOR SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH “DEMOKRITOS” (Greece) and to the other organisations Associação Portuguesa para as Perturbações do Desenvolvimento e Autismo de Coimbra (APPDA) (Portugal), LEARNING CENTER FOR YOUTH (Cyprus), METROPOLIS NET-EUROPEAN METROPOLIS EMPLOYMENT NETWORK EWIV (Germany),  EPAL AGIAS PARASKEVIS (Greece) and Zespol Szkol Specjalnych im. Janiny Porazinskiej w Ignacowie (Special School Complex) (Poland) for this fruitful meeting, and we hope to many more to come!
👉 Stay tuned for more information about the JOBS4ALL project at https://jobs4all-project.eu/