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HOLD ON – Third Transnational meeting

By February 19, 2024No Comments
👉 The third partners’ transnational meeting of the HOLD ON project was held on the 13th of February. The focus was the progress of the project activities and achieved results in the 1st year of implementation.
An Insights report in e-format had been developed based on the findings from the desk research and interviews with professionals who work with young people in each partner country, along with the online course aiming to empower young people with valuable insights and tools to navigate the intricacies of mental health and well-being.
🔜The upcoming activities will be releasing the HOLD ON exchange platform, which will allow youth and professionals working with youth across Europe to exchange experiences, best practices and lessons learned in establishing and maintaining peer mental health support groups and learn from others.
We would like to thank all the partners for the fruitful collaboration and cooperation!