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The Kick-off meeting of the Erasmus+ KA2 Adult project: AI in ADU!

πŸ’­ β€œAI can personalize learning pathways in the Metaverse, adapting to individual needs and styles.β€Β πŸ’­ – Mark Zuckerberg
πŸ’― Between the 26th – 27th of March 2024, Emphasys participated in the Kick-off meeting of the Erasmus+ KA2 Adult project: AI in ADU: Artificial Intelligence in Adult Education and Self-Learning: Providing personalized and adaptive learning experiences with emphasis on language learning, in Brno, Czechia.
πŸ‘‰ The ADU AI project aims to create personalized AI learning solutions for adults, aid educators, promote AI learning benefits, evaluate effectiveness, and tackle challenges in adult language learning AI. It involves needs assessment, user research, path development, and AI exploration.
🀝 During the meeting the overview of the project was presented and all Work Package Leaders presented the activities in detail and the first tasks were set!
πŸ™ We would like to thank our host PELICAN for their hospitality, our coordinator Johannes Gutenberguniversitat Mainz, as well as our partners Prism Impresa Sociale, Fundacja One World – One Heart and Bahcesehir Universitesi Foundation.