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🌟🎥 Exciting updates from the ITOSA project!

🌟🎥 Exciting updates from the ITOSA project!
🎞️Three adult educators from each partner country had the opportunity to attend a training in Belgrade, Serbia from April 9th to 10th. The training focused on video filming and editing. Day 1 immersed the trainers in the world of filmmaking, and delved into various films, analyzing their production and filming techniques. Day 2 included practical exercises, with trainers creating very own video clips.
🤝 On the 11th of April, partners had the fourth TPM of the project during which they discussed about the pending tasks and the upcoming trainings, one in Trevisio (Italy) and one in Ljubljana (Slovenia). They have also shared their feedback about the training in Belgrade and discussed about dissemination and quality of the project.
🙌 A huge thank you to our coordinator Fundacja Mapa Pasji (Poland) as well as the host of the meeting Centar Za Drustveno Ekonomski Razvoj Udruzenje (Serbia) for the excellent and creative training as well as the rest of our partners InterArt Foundation (Bulgaria), Inštitut Antona Trstenjaka (Slovenia), Fundacja Rozwoju Przez Całe Życie (Poland), and INRCA – Istituto di Ricovero e Cura a Carattere Scientifico (Italy).