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❗Great news from the ITOSA project!

❗Great news from the ITOSA project!
👌 Another successful training was conducted in Treviso, Italy, from May 16th to 17th. Up to three adult educators from each partner country had the opportunity to attend the training. The sessions provided creative methods that can be implemented with seniors to promote active ageing, a key aim of the ITOSA project. Educators were able to implement these methods and gain insight into potential errors and challenges that may arise during their implementation with seniors.
🖋️ Specifically, on day 1 workshops included World Cafe method and collaborative writing while on day 2, educators also had the opportunity to participate in a photography activity conducted around the city, highlighting the fact that methodologies and workshops can also be performed outdoors.
👏 A huge thank you to our coordinator Fundacja Mapa Pasji (Poland) and the host of the meeting  ISRAA (Italy) for the well organized and creative training, as well as the rest of our partners InterArt Foundation (Bulgaria), Inštitut Antona Trstenjaka (Slovenia) and Centar Za Društveno ekonomski Razvoj (Serbia).