Our Success in Vocational Education and Training

Our success depends on our commitment for quality and excellence. We consider every challenging proposal as a fulfilling and rewarding experience. Our success is based on:

  •  Our teaching staff  that is made of qualified, experienced, dedicated and enthusiastic teachers whose main objective is to assess the needs of each learner either, to design and implement a high quality training course, that will lead the learner to successfully pass the external exams.
  • Our modern and highly equipped educational centre, which includes two spacious training rooms with new P.C.’s, projectors and interactive boards, a conference room and modern common areas with t.v., online games thus creating a friendly and relaxing atmosphere during non-working hours.
  • Our teaching material, syllabuses and resources that are specially designed and produced for the implementation of custom-made courses as well as for the external exams, i.e., GCE A’ Level Computing, European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL), Pancyprian I.C.T. exams.
  • Our commitment to quality, our passion for effectiveness and competitiveness in the educational services provided that have led all our learners to succeed in their chosen subjects. 

Our students’ results have been numerous throughout the last years both in the professional diploma of the ECDL, the Pacyprian Exams in ICT, but perhaps most important in the Cambridge International GCE A’ Level Computing. In the last years our students have been awarded with the highest mark achieved in these external exams in the Cambridge High Achiever Awards organised by the British Council in Cyprus.