Digital Acquisition through intergenerational learning 

Project Code: 2017-1-LV01-KA204-035455

Website: https://www.dialproject.eu

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/DIALproject/ErasmusPlus

Duration: September 2017-August 2019

Project Description:

An innovative up-skilling pathway programme based on intergenerational and LLL opportunities where grandparents (mainly adults over 55+) acquire essential digital competences, as defined in the Digital Competence Reference Framework of the EC (2016), with the involvement of their grandchildren thus supporting in a systemic way active ageing, e-access, social inclusion, e-participation and personal development.

The direct target group is grandparents (seniors 60+) who will acquire essential digital skills that will enable active aging, participation and access to the e-world: use of social media and communication platforms, use of smart phones and tablets, use of on-line services eetc.

The indirect target group is grandchildren who will benefit from their involvement and participation in the intergenerational learning opportunities and will share their digital competences with their grandparents in order to support them to keep in touch with the e-world.

Indirect target groups are Adult Providers, Associations and Authorities (NGOs, Municipalities, and Authorities etc.) who will benefit from the development of strategies for offering LLL opportunities to seniors and from the ICT Training for digital acquisition, up-skilling and re-skilling to be offered.

Grandparents and grandchildren will be provided with the opportunity to VALIDATE their DIGITAL SKILLS gained in the professional training to be offered, so that VISIBILITY, TRANSPARENCY, RECOGNITION AND  TRASFERABILITY of competences is achieved. Non-formal ICT providers and official validation bodies (stakeholders) will be invited to participate offering guidance and support.

The consortium of the project includes the following partners:


Project NET, Latvia Iveta Cirule www.projectfund.net



CP.: Giselle Janeiro Website:  www.rutis.pt

  • A&A Emphasys Interactive Solutions Ltd, Cyprus

CP.: Athos Charalambides Website:  www.emphasyscentre.com

  • Sistem de Jenerasyon Dernegi, S&G

CP.: Bledi Cami Website: www.systemandgeneration.com/en


Digital Competences for new jobs: Young People fight unemployment


Project Code:


Facebook page:

Duration: September 2017-August 2019


Project Description:

The DC4JOBS project comes to join the efforts of MS to promote the digital literacy among young people and fight skills mis-matches and young unemployment. It proposes to introduce a transparent, multi-regulated and multi-assessed process, based on an interactive and dynamic platform to be developed, for young people with fewer opportunities in order to up-grade, up-skill or re-skill their digital competences to meet the needs of labour market and bridge the gap related to skills mismatches between education and training and the world of work.

The direct target group is YOUNG PEOPLE 16-24 yrs with a specific focus on young people with fewer opportunities (including NEETs, young people at risk of marginalization and young people with a migrant background, including newly arrived immigrants and young refugees, early school leavers etc.) who will acquire or upgrade their digital skills related to employability, whereas the indirect target group is the labour market, who will benefit from digitally literate young people through the provision of high quality non-formal learning, as well as the various organisations whose members will be educated and well equipped to fight unemployment.

The consortium of the project includes the following partners:


CFE Erfurt e.V., Germany

CP.: Zafar Saydaliev

Website: www.cge-erfurt.org


  • A&A Emphasys Interactive Solutions Ltd, Cyprus

CP.: Athos Charalambides

Website: www.emphasyscentre.com

  • Euroed

CP.: Andreea Corina

Website: www.euroed.ro

  • Clictic S.L.

CP.: Miguel Caneda Barreiro

Website: www.clictic.es

  • LV-Ogre Municipality

CP.: Rinalds Rudzitis

Website: www.ogresnovads.lv

  • Breakthrough

CP.: Sandra van de Kraak

Website: www.breakthrough-projects.org

  • Arbeitskreis Ostviertel e.V.

CP.: Arndt Selders

Website: www.bennohaus.info

Summer School Info Day

The Info Day for the participants of the Summer  Coding and Robotics School took place on the 22nd of June 2017.