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STEAM Courses

The STEAM Unit offering project-driven related courses combining Robotics, 3D Design and Printing using the Craftbot+ 3D Printer, and Coding through Video Game design using state of the art Virtual Reality Headsets such as the Oculus Rift S. The instructors have also been trained by Lego Education and have attended a wide range of seminars concerning Robotics and Coding and have acquired the title of “Lego Education Trainer”. Additionally, Python programming is offered through drone piloting.


Most of the projects follow the 4C approach of Lego Education “Connect – Construct – Contemplate – Continue” where learners are presented with a challenge that is open-ended which places them in the position of solution-seekers. The active engagement of learners’ always takes its starting point in questions asked by the learners themselves, thereby building on their own initiative and interests. Their curiosity is awakened, and the task is within their reach. The tasks build on existing knowledge and areas of interest.

3D Printing

3D Design

Video Game Design

Virtual Reality

LEGO Education


The STEAMKIDS class for ages eight to twelve is a course based on Edison, Anki Cozmo, Lego Boost and Lego Mindstorms robotic kits where programming is introduced through block-based coding using tablets and laptops. 3D design and printing are introduced with the use of the TinkerCAD online platform where the learners have to come up with solutions for everyday tasks such as creating a pencil case, a whistle and constructing an ancient Egyptian pyramid or the Great Wall of China. Video Game design is also used to introduce basic programming skills in an enjoyable way with the use of the SCRATCH 3.0 online platform. Students will get to try their creations by importing their designs in the Virtual Reality headsets and experience in the virtual world what they have designed.


The STEAMCODE class for ages thirteen to fifteen is a course based on Lego Mindstorms and Arduino robotic kits where complex programming concepts are introduced such as decisions, loops, arrays and subprograms with block-based and procedural programming in C++, using mainly laptops and other mobile devices. Students will get to design and 3D print in TinkerCAD additional parts for their existing robots as well as create complex structures such as a bridge or a model spaceship. In the Video Game design part of the course students will create 2D and 3D games using the Unity Platform and the C# programming language as well as Virtual Reality Games through the creation of digital worlds with Blender and Unity.


The STEAMEXPERTS course for ages sixteen to eighteen is a course based on Lego Mindstorms using the Python programming language and Arduino robotic kits using the C++ programming language. 3D Printing and 3D Modeling will be used for creating autonomous cars, drones and humanoid robots together with Arduino Uno, Arduino Nano and Raspberry Pi circuits. In Video Game Design the Unity platform is used with the C# programming language for learning object-oriented programming to create objects and characters with different attributes reflecting the real world such as Virtual Reality simulations.

STEAM Class in Action

Have a look at our team of educators and learners having an amazing educational time during some of our STEAM Classes.