Non-Formal Learning Can Prevent Early School Leaving (NON-FOR-LESL)


The NON-FOR-LESL project aims to address the challenge of Early School Leaving (ESL) at the stage of intervention at the school level and to contribute to the efforts of EU countries to meet the headline target set in the Europe 2020 Strategy by reducing ESL to less than 10%. In doing so the project proposes to draw on three main initiatives of the EC: the E.C.’s initiative (2013) for “Opening Up Education”  through the use of ICT tools, OER and open practices, the E.C.’s Recommendation (2012/C 398/01) for the validation of non-formal and informal learning and the E.C.’s Communication (COM/2012) titled “Rethinking Education” for the acquisition of transversal skills for the new work-force to meet the market’s needs.

The NON-FOR-LESL project aims to develop and pilot-test, a new innovative multi-dimensional method – an OER validation tool which will be used additionally to the assessment procedures thus contributing to the efforts for reducing ESL and improving students’ performance in schools. The NON-FOR-LESL tool will be based on a holistic view of students’ learning, drawn away from subject boundaries that will present and validate skills, knowledge and competences acquired through non-formal and  informal learning related to the key competences and transversal skills, as described by the EU, and in accordance with the EQF and NQF of each country.

The OER will also incorporate aspects of an ‘e-portfolio’ providing students with the opportunity to showcase their progress and achievement towards a specific learning outcome by presenting artifact evidence of their work in and out of school, while being engaged in a continuous reflection process towards their own learning, as well as their personal, academic and career development planning.

The consortium of the project which attended the agenda meeting includes the following partners:

  • Hannover University (Germany)
  • PLATON Private School (Greece)
  • Pixel Non Profit Association (Italy)
  • Ingenious Knowledge Private Company (Germany)
  • Fundatia EuroEd Non-Governmental Organisation (Romania)
  • Emphasys Centre (Cyprus).

NON-FOR-LESL Agenda Kick-Off Meeting  

The Kick-Off Meeting for the NON-FOR-LESL project was organised between the 15th and 16th of January 2015 in Nicosia, Cyprus. During the meeting all partners expressed their commitment for the successful implementation of the NON-FOR-LESL project.

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NON-FOR-LESL Second Meeting

The 2nd partner meeting took place in Iași, Romania from may 28th until may 29th 2015. EuroEd was responsible for organization while Christoph Wolf from the University of Hannover was in charge of the meeting.

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NON-FOR-LESL Third Meeting

On the 3rd and 4th of December 2015 our third partner meeting took place in Katerini, Greece. This time Platon was responsible for organization while Christoph Wolf from the University of Hannover was again in charge of the meeting.

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NON-FOR-LESL Final Meeting

The final meeting took place in Hannover, Germany.

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Dissemination Material created by our organisation:







Non-For-Lesl goes to school:

On the 20th of January Emphasys Centre had the pleasure of visiting The GC School of Careers in Nicosia, where a discussion was held concerning Early School Leaving in the European Union and how Non-Formal Learning could reduce it. The students participating, from the current affairs club of the school, had very interesting and productive thoughts on these issues. Also the NONFORLESLS project was presented and a workshop was made asking the participants their thoughts and ideas on how the NONFORLESL online tool could be used by their school in order to benefit students the most.

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Work sheet for Slogans workshop

Other dissemination activities:

During the International Conference “ICT and Language Learning” organised in Florence on the 12-13 of November 2015 the NONFORLES project was presented by our organisation.
There was a poster presentation and brief description in speech by Mr. Athos Charalambides.

During the International Conference organised in Cyprus on the 17th of October 2015 titled “Social Networks and Intergenerational Learning” the NONOFORLESL project was mentioned and brief description was given in speech  by Mr. Nicholas Moudouros.

During October and November several dissemination activities were organised with different groups of students. The aim was to raise the awareness of students about the two main issues of the NONFORLESL project:

1.Early School Leaving 2.Validation of non-formal learning

The aims of the project were explained, the IO produced so far (mainly for CY), the pictures for the IO3 (E-tool) were shown and students were given the opportunity to discuss in groups and participate in a discussion to produce some slogans for the posters.
The events – activities were organised on the 27th of October, 3rd of November and 6th of November.
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