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Personal Finance Programme 

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Duration: September 2017-August 2019

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Personal finance programme is a modular curriculum aimed at students aged 14 – 21. The project will produce and pilot a training course on how young people can manage their money and be aware of the various opportunities and threats throughout their lives in relation to money. We will do this by conducting research in each country to establish what information already exists, whom it is aimed at, and what levels of access and awareness there are in relation to the topic. Along with this we will conduct primary research to accurately establish the specific needs of the target group. We will then develop a training programme (curricula) which is modular format to teach students how to manage their money. The training course will be supported by a series of 10 instructional videos which will allow the course to be accessed remotely as an e-learning option. Additionally we will produce a series of worksheets which will make up a workbook, which will allow students to work remotely and complementary to the training course and the instructional videos.

The consortium of the project includes the following partners:


Lancaster Royal Grammar School, United Kingdom

CP.: Catherine Mossop



  • Istituto Europeo Studi Superiori

CP.: Fabio Morsiani


  • DHE Solutions

CP.: David Evans



CP.: Minna Van Nunen


  • A&A Emphasys Interactive Solutions Ltd, Cyprus

CP.: Athos Charalambides