Raise Volunteers in Technology

Project Code: 2016-1-LU02-KA205-000232

Duration: September 2016-April 2018

Project Description:

Fighting digital illiteracy is becoming crucial to reduce risks of social & economic exclusion created by the digital skill gap. Involving volunteers is an interesting way to contribute to reducing this major issue of today world.

This project aims to support non-profit organizations in the field of digital education to strengthen their capacity bringing new methods to manage volunteers & implementing projects in this specific field.  This project is innovative in developing learning material to improve leadership thanks to volunteers (amongst ICT practitioners & e-leaders) who have a knowledge, expertise & enthusiasm to share to fight the digital divide.

The expected outcome is to improve quality of awareness raising activities and also encouraging young talents especially from diverse, fewer opportunities /disadvantaged backgrounds.  The outputs will specifically focus on matters such as recruitment, communication, retention, conflict management & rewards for volunteers in the field of digital education.

The consortium of the project includes the following partners:


Girls in Tech Luxembourg

CP.: Marina Andrieu

Website: www.luxembourg.girlsintech.org


  • Associazione Futuro Digitale, Italy

CP.: Marco De Cave

Website: www.futurodigitale.org

  • CFE Erfurt e.V., Germany

CP.: Zafar Saydaliev

Website: www.cge-erfurt.org

  • A&A Emphasys Interactive Solutions Ltd, Cyprus

CP. Athos Charalambides

Website: www.emphasyscentre.com


CP.: Lambrini Papargyri


RAIVOTECH, KickOff Meeting, 04 of November 2016, Luxembourg

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