Research Interests

Associated to the Private Institute is the newly established Emphasys Research Centre that cooperates closely with several organizations, research centres, schools, NGOs and companies, both in Cyprus and in the E.U. for the development of various projects.

Involvement and cooperation in E.U. projects enables our organization to develop and extend its expertise while at the same time participate in the process of exchanging ideas, methods and policies with other EU countries that will assist in the overall development of all members. Prospective partners will enhance the quality of their provision, achieve innovative courses for learners and strengthen the European dimension in all types of teaching and learning. The benefits for all participants’ adults, students, parents, workers will be evident in their personal, academic or professional development which will affect the quality of their life, enrich their experiences, and affect their mentality and attitude towards issues of European or even global concern.

The Emphasys Research Centre aims to broaden up its expertise within adult and student education, as well as in research, innovation and policy cooperation in various issues of concern affecting EU citizens. Our current interests for the needs of various EU calls (2014 Erasmus+, Daphne, AGE, AAL, Horizon etc.) are related to the following:

  1. Tackling Early School Leaving
  2. Formal, informal and non-formal learning
  3. Open Educational Resourses (OER) – E-Learning
  4. Active Citizenship in schools
  5. Developing Entrepreneurship projects in education
  6. Back to our roots-building the future through the past
  7. Active Ageing- Inter-generational and Family learning
  8. Stronger together – fighting racism and nationalism
  9. Development of ICT based content and services  - e-learning material
  10. Bullying -Cyber bullying-Safer Internet and Social Networks Use
  11. Fighting unemployment – the role of SMEs
  12. Bartering-the way forward