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Implementation, Management and Coordination of European and National Projects




Implementation, Management and Coordination of European and National Projects



The economic crisis has placed education, training and research in the spotlight for offering solutions to the challenges faced by the EU Member States. We are committed to make the potentially “lost generation” into the generation of smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.

Emphasys Centre has been established as a highly successful Research Institution which is involved in the preparation and submission of research proposals, as well as in the coordination and implementation of European Programmes under the Erasmus + Programme in all sectors: School, VET, Youth, Adult and Higher Education, as well as the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) Sector.

It promotes the targets set by the EU2020 and the ET2020 Strategies and has developed a strong network of collaborations across Europe and it has built up knowledge and skills alliances for the transfer of policies and good practices that can enrich the quality and effectiveness of the services provided by the organization as a whole.

Network & Associate Partners



Promoting our projects through creative deliverables and media channels

School Sector

Supporting educators, promoting acquisition of key competences – digital competences, coding and robotics, STEM, media education, financial literacy, early school leaving, social entrepreneurship, screen addiction, social inclusion, special needs.

Vet Sector

Entering the world of work, bridging the digital gap, enhancing partnerships with the labour market, promoting work-based learning, career guidance, apprentice training, employability skills.

Youth Sector

EU Youth Strategy 2019-2027, promoting quality and recognition of youth work, upgrading digital and employability skills, empowering young people, entrepreneurship education, e-commerce, volunteering.

Adult Sector

Agenda for Adult Learning, improving supply and quality of LLL, enhancing adult educators’ profiles, promoting digital and employability skills upskilling pathways for adults, active ageing.

Let’s Work Together

Whether you’re an Educator, Teacher, Youth Worker, Professional or just interested in what we do, we believe there’s room to work together. Get in touch and join our growing network.