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3D Entrepreneurship

3D Entrepreneurship

Short Description

The European Commission’s lifelong-learning policy recognises adult learning as vital for its accomplishment as it contributes to improving social cohesion and economic competitiveness; it helps to counter age-based disaggregation and promotes active citizenship.
The project’s main objective is to contribute to up-skilling pathways and high-quality learning opportunities for adults, by advancing entrepreneurial transversal competences and planting seeds for new job creation. To achieve this goal, the partners will provide educational training for entrepreneurship focused on 3D-learning and gamification practices.
More specifically the 3D Entrepreneurship consortium will produce the following results:

  1. An innovative 3D Entrepreneurship curriculum
  2. A 3D Entrepreneurship methodology to efficiently deliver and address entrepreneurship-related content throughout 3D learning and innovation.
  3. A 3D technology-based entrepreneurial training programme aimed at improving and extending the supply of high-quality learning opportunities for low-skilled adults.
  4. A 3D digital handbook/platform containing specialised methodology and a 3D-tech toolbox for entrepreneurial training (best practices).


Project Coordinator
Stichting Amsterdam European Mobility
Contact: Raquel Garcia Aneiros
Email: adam.mob.ldv@gmail.com
Project Partners
Clictic S.L.
Contact: Miguel Caneda
Email: miguel.caneda@postal3.es
Stepp Strategie Servizi Sviluppo SRLS
Contact: Giulia Pititto
Email: marketing@stepp-up.com
A & A Emphasys Interactive Solutions Ltd
Contact: Athos Charalambides
Email: info@emphasyscentre.com