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Blended Learning International Train the Trainer

Short Description

The BLITT initiative is aimed at adult educators who will help other educators in implementing blended learning activities in their classrooms. Adult educators, in particular, will be trained to train other teachers and therefore urge a larger group of people working in adult education to incorporate blended learning into their activities while paying special attention to pedagogical principles, according to the project’s goals.

Main objectives:
• to train adult educators to become blended learning champions and to be able to train and motivate other teachers for the use of blended learning
• to enhance adult educators’ blended learning skills
• to increase the capacity of adult education organisations to offer blended learning
• to enhance training offered in the adult education sector in the field of innovative teaching methodologies by using ICT

Project Coordinator
UPI – ljudska univerza Zalec
Contact: Tina Baloh
Email: tina.baloh@upi.si
Project Partners
Technological University Dublin (TU Dublin)
Contact: Paul Doyle
Email: paul.doyle@tudublin.ie
Domspain Consulting SL
Contact: Júlia Vilafranca Molero
Email: projects@domspain.eu
A & A Emphasys Interactive Solutions Ltd
Contact: Athos Charalambides
Email: info@emphasyscentre.com
Aintek Symvouloi Epicheiriseon Efarmoges Ypsilis Technologias Ekpaidefsi Anonymi Etaireia
Contact: Metaxia (Xenia)Chronopoulou
Email: info@idec.gr