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Bridging the Gap

BRIDGING THE GAP: Digital competences for women in rural areas to increase their entrepreneurial opportunities and employability. Towards inclusion through entrepreneurship.

Short Description
Nowadays, European rural environments suffer from low economic diversification, high rates of unemployment and depopulation. Women in rural areas are affected the most as they have higher unemployment rates than men.
Based on these facts the Bridging the Gap ERASMUS+ KA2 project aims to foster women’s acquisition of digital skills so that they can join the labor market and carry out actions of entrepreneurship. The consortium of the project will achieve its goals and objectives by developing a Bridging the Gap online platform which will include a competence framework and pedagogical model designed specifically for the target group and a MOOC course that will empower rural women to develop their ICT skills and entrepreneurship. The online platform will also include a user’s manual to enable navigation and collaboration.
Bridging the gap project’s direct target group are rural female entrepreneurs who want to upgrade their ICT skills and become economically self-efficient. The indirect target groups are rural women associations, adult training institutions/providers, research organizations that focus on gender issues, public and private bodies that support employment and entrepreneurship, NGOs etc.
The consortium consists of highly experienced partners from six European countries, which acquire different, but also complementary knowledge and experiences to ensure the effective implementation of the project.
Project Coordinator
Asociación de Familias y Mujeres del Medio RuraL
Contact: Carmen Quintanilla Barba
Email: afammer@afammer.es
Project Partners
A & A Emphasys Interactive Solutions Ltd
Contact: Athos Charalambides
Email: info@emphasyscentre.com
Interactive Media Knowledge Transfer Intermediakt
Contact: Greg Archimandritis
Email: greg.archimandritis@intermediakt.org
Contact: Lina Klemkaite
Email: all.ears@dramblys.org
Institutul National De Cercetare Stiintifica In Domeniul Muncii Si Protectiei Sociale
Contact: Vasilica Ciucă
Email: silviaciuca@incsmps.ro
Women In Digital Initiatives Luxembourg ASBL
Contact: Marie-Adelaide Leclercq-Olhagaray
Email: marie-adelaide@women-digital.lu
Ce.F.A.S. – Centro di Formazione ed Alta Specializzazione
Contact: Anna Cordella
Email: anna_cordella@hotmail.com