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A digital skills tool kit for low skilled adults focusing on women re-entering the labour market

Short Description
The e-SKILLS4ALL project focuses on low-skilled unemployed adults with a focus on women heavily affected by the recent crisis and adult education organisations and their staff. While it is more than likely that the proposed products to be developed will be relevant to learners of all ages the project is specifically targeting the unemployed and will ensure that the learning tools are customized to suit the learning needs and learning preferences of this target group. A significant emphasis will be placed on developing the digital and employability skills. From partner experience it appears that the majority of long-term unemployed are less likely to have good ICT skills which are essential in almost all employments today, whereas the Digital Initiatives reinforce the need of all to help meet the high demand for digital skills in Europe which are essential in today’s job market and society.
The project aims to draw on the partnership’s experience and newest research to create a Training Package for adult educators and carers who work with vulnerable adults in different communities, no matter what the local context or type of community.
Project Coordinator
CIVIC Computing Limited
Contact: Grigoris Rouchotas
Email: greg@civiccomputing.com
Project Partners
ADR Nord – Est
Contact: Ana Roxana
Email: rpintilescu@adrnordest.ro
Women In Digital Initiatives Luxemburg ASBL
Contact: Marina Andrieu-Thiriet
Email: marina.thiriet@gmail.com
N.G.O. Civis Plus
Contact: Sophia Karka
Email: info@civisplus.gr
Antenna Ltd
Contact: Michalis Odysseos
Email: m.odysseos@antenna.com.cy
A & A Emphasys Interactive Solutions Ltd
Contact: Athos Charalambides
Email: info@emphasyscentre.com