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Media Literacy for Parents

Short Description
MeLi for parents is an Erasmus + project of Strategic Partnerships for adult education.
The main objectives of MeLi project is to develop a training programme on media literacy for parents that would enable parents’ acquisition with media literacy and transfer the knowledge acquired to their children. The project envisages the development of a web application that will bring media literacy education in their houses and develop a parents’ guide on media literacy. The project also seeks to organize workshops for parents as well as disseminate project results and create an online network of parents to promote media literacy.
The project’s target group are parents, trainers at parents’ schools and parents’ support organizations. The ultimate beneficiaries will be schools and all actors active in the promotion of media literacy (Cultural centres / Foundations/ NGOs, educational departments of municipalities, policy makers in the media field/ digital literature, education, adult learning) and children themselves.
Moreover, the expected impact on parents will be to enhance their skills on the topic of media literacy and improve their confidence and knowledge as guides and role models for their children in today’s media scene. They will connect with adult trainers/ experts in the field as well as with other parents and through this community will work together in combating the problems we face as users of the media.
Through the participating networks and the planned promotional activities, the associated partners and the extended dissemination channels in regional, national and European level the partnership has, the project is expected to bring about a positive impact on children’s participation on digital media.
Project Coordinator
Fundacja Mapa Pasji
Contact: Anna Jarzebska
Email: ajda@cpu-reuse.com
Project Partners
European Digital Learning Network
Contact: Gianluca Coppola
Email: gianluca.coppola@dlearn.eu
A & A Emphasys Interactive Solutions Ltd
Contact: Athos Charalambides
Email: info@emphasyscentre.com
Contact: Metaxia Chronopoulou
Email: xenia@idec.gr
European Parents Association
Contact: Arja Krauchenberg
Email: president@euparents.eu
E-business Academy
Contact: Gergana Deenichina
Email: Gergana.deenichina@gmail.com
Hands Heart Solutions Ltd
Contact: Louiza Kachrimani
Email: lka@mycoin.eu