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Development of inclusivE iNteGration pAths 4 miGrant women

Female refugees, which represent the 45% of refugees in the EU face key challenges when entering the labour market. These challenges include having a lower activity and employment rates, lack of recognition of skills and education, social exclusion and an increased likelihood of poverty. Moreover, refugee women are more likely to work in lower-skilled occupations in comparison with male refugees. Most of them face particular integration challenges associated with lower education and labour market outcomes.
The AMIF project ‘ENGAGE’ aims to ensure the effective integration process of female refugees in the new social environments they live in, as well as to promote their social and economic inclusion. Among the fundamental objectives of the project are, to promote the integration of female refugees in host societies through inform them about their rights, to provide vocational training opportunities and upskilling workshops to enhance their employability skills, to promote gender equality and diversity management in organisations which implement integration programmes as well as to initiate Job Shadowing Schemes in organisations in order to enable them for professional development. Through the project, it is envisioned that the social integration of female refugees will be strengthened and maintained in the long-term. The project is implemented by 11 organizations from 9 European countries which all collaborate to labour market access for female refugees and meet the overall objectives of the project.
Project Coordinator
UC Limburg
Contact: Sebastiaan Jans
Email: sebastiaan.jans@ucll.be
Project Partners
ZRC Sazu
Contact: Jure Gomac
Email: jure-gombac@zrc-sazu.si
InterAktion – Verein für ein interkulturelles Zusammenleben
Contact: Katja Lenic Salamun
Email: verein.interaktion@gmail.com
Dimitra Education & Consulting SA
Contact: George Petrou
Email: euprojects@dimitra.gr
A & A Emphasys Interactive Solutions Ltd
Contact: Athos Charalambides
Email: info@emphasyscentre.com
Ayuntamiento De Quintanar Del Rey
Contact: Martín García López
Email: administracion@quintanardelrey.es 
Stichting Amsterdam European Mobility
Contact: Raquel García Anerios
Email: adam.mob.ldv@gmail.com 
CY.R.C. Cyprus Refugee Council
Contact: Annagrace Messa
Email: annagrace@cyrefugeecouncil.org
Metropolisnet-European Metropolis Employment Network Ewiv
Contact: Reiner Aster
Email: reiner.aster@metropolisnet.eu
Ce.F.A.S. – Centro di Formazione ed Alta Specializzazione
Contact: Francesca Favia
Email: francescafavia78@gmail.com
Contact: Christoph Stark
Email: info@kitev.de