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INNOVATION 4 HERITAGE - Creating NEW talent through adaptive reuse of Heritage and Co-creation of Cultural space activation

Short Description

The NEW INHERIT project aims to boost the creative and cultural sectors for job creation and sustainable innovation. Aligned with the EU’s program objectives, it focuses on cultural heritage adaptive reuse, fostering an entrepreneurial mindset and co-creation. The project addresses social inclusion, international collaboration, and sector-specific priorities.

Key objectives include promoting adaptive reuse of heritage buildings, implementing Cultural Space Activation for Agora Cultural Labs, and contributing to job creation and skills in the circular economy. The project leverages existing EU policies, such as the Green Deal and the New European Bauhaus, to efficiently use technological advances for cultural entrepreneurial and digital competences.

NEW INHERIT recognizes cultural heritage as vital for economic growth, employment, social cohesion, and environmental sustainability. By mapping policies, selecting observatory cases, and setting up Agora Cultural Labs, the project aims to create innovative cultural spaces, empower communities, and contribute to a sustainable future.

Project Coordinator
Culture Goes Europe (CGE)
Website: www.cge-erfurt.org
Project Partners
Urban Foxes
Website: www.urbanfoxes.org
UP Project Gestion de Proyectos, SL
Website: www.upproject.es
A & A Emphasys Interactive Solutions Ltd
Website: www.emphasyscentre.com
Youth for Exchange and Understanding Internatbe
Website: www.yeu-international.org
Sguardi Urbani
Website: www.sguardiurbani.com
Urban Ideas and Design Association
Website: www.sosofia.com
Ayuntamiento de Murcia
Website: www.murcia.es
Asociacion Instituto de Gestores y Programador
Website: www.gestionculturalrm.org