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ONLINE - teaching and training young students about the DigCompConsumers though client based challenges and ICT

Short Description

COVID-19 crisis has heightened the momentum of the e-commerce scene across countries and increased the reach of e-commerce, including by establishing new businesses, consumer profiles, e.g., children and youth, and products (e.g., groceries and online games). In the meantime, e-commerce transactions in many countries have partially migrated away from deluxe goods and services toward everyday needs which are relevant to a large number of people and individuals.

Therefore, the objective of ONLINE is to provide teachers with the necessary skills to then transfer what they have learned to their students and indirectly, to their families, in order to make the online purchasing experience as safe as possible, providing them with all the necessary information to avoid the danger of when this process happens online.

More specifically, this project wants to train teachers in order them to transfer their knowledge to their students to:

  • Make informed choices online in digital marketplaces.
  • Operate safely online (avoid them being victims of fraud or deceptive online marketing practices).
  • Understand digital marketing and advertising practices.
  • Manage online financial operations.
  • Understand their digital footprint while acting online (ex. Digital data collection).
Project Coordinator
Agrupamento de Escolas José Estevão
Contact: Fernando Delgado Pereira dos Santos
Email: geral@aeje.pt
Project Partners
European Digital Learning Network
Contact: Gianluca Coppola
Email: gianluca.coppola@dlearn.eu
A & A Emphasys Interactive Solutions Ltd
Contact: Athos Charalambides
Email: info@emphasyscentre.com
Institut za moderno obrazovanje
Contact: Nina Stojanović
Email: nina.stojanovic@institut.edu.rs
Colegiul National Mihai Eminescu
Contact: Cecilia Foia
Email: ceciliafoia1@gmail.com
Sdruzhenie Bulgarska Natsionalna Asotsiatsiya Aktivni Potrebiteli
Contact: Bogomil Nikolov
Email: bogomil@bnap.org