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Supporting teachers’ professional development for inclusive teaching and learning of STEAM and Robotics skills for children with intellectual and learning difficulties

Short Description

The RoboSTEAM4All school aims to support the digital transformation and modernization of primary schools. Its primary objectives include equipping teachers with essential digital skills, introducing new digital tools and resources for STEAM education, and incorporating educational robotics for children aged 5-12 years old with intellectual and/or learning difficulties. By implementing these initiatives, the project aims to enrich the quality of primary education and bolster the expertise of teachers. It encompasses various blended activities, including professional development training for primary school teachers in STEAM, coding, and robotics, as well as upskilling sessions for parents. Additionally, it involves blended learning mobility among partners and awareness-raising events such as Info-Days and FAMILY FAIR. The project’s outcomes include the creation of a comprehensive pack containing supporting materials for STEAM and robotics education, an e-GLOSSARY of digital, STEAM, and robotics terms, and the RoboSTEAM4All ACTIVITY PACK featuring cross-curricula activities. Furthermore, the project entails developing the RoboSTEAM4All Competence Framework and establishing the RoboSTEAM4All platform to consolidate all project results. Through these efforts, the RoboSTEAM4All project strives to advance primary education and empower educators and students alike.

Project Coordinator
RCSIE – Regionalen centar za podkrepa na procesa na priobshtavashtoto obrazovanie
Website: www.rcsf.bg
Project Partners
A & A Emphasys Interactive Solutions Ltd
Website: www.emphasyscentre.com