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Schools in Transformation with Readiness, Adaptations and Nurturing Digital Skills

Short Description

The Digital Transformation of education, and the current pandemic crisis, is imposing technological, organizational, cultural and social changes that impose an analysis of the digital awareness of all actors. Being digitally competent and able to use digital technologies in a confident, critical and responsible way is essential for teachers and schools.
The STRANDS project aims to support the challenging transition of education from physical spaces to virtual classes of teachers, students and families. The general objective of the project is to ease the transition into blended learning and distance learning of educators and learners, by supporting them in embracing digital methodologies into learning practices, while building emotional bonds between educators, learners and families.

The consortium will achieve its goals and objectives by producing the following results:
• R1: Teachers-led ICT Online Community Platform
• R2: Guidelines for Technical Tips for an Inclusive Digital Learning
• R3: Interactive Virtual Classes Toolkit
• R4: E-Safety Manual for Families and Students
• R5: Protocol for the Certification of Competence

Project Coordinator
Promimpresa SRL
Contact: Jasmine Gatti
Email: jasmine.gatti@promimpresa.it
Project Partners
ICEP s.r.o.
Contact: Anna Barseghyan
Email: anna.barseghyan@iceponline.com
A & A Emphasys Interactive Solutions Ltd
Contact: Athos Charalambides
Email: info@emphasyscentre.com
Edupuntozero SRL
Contact: Barbara Simona Lecca
Email: barbarasimona.l@asapiens.eu
Redial Partnership CLG
Contact: Anna Bella
Email: annabellanredial@gmail.com