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Tech students, entrepreneurial routes

Short Description
The lack of entrepreneurial behavior of students in technical education (architecture, engineering, computer science, construction etc.) has been recognized all across Europe. Therefore, the TECHSTER project aims to find a solution to those students’ lack of competences.
TECHSTER has three major objectives:
  • Strengthen the technical education already in place in HE and enhance competences of HE teachers in teaching entrepreneurial behavior and soft skills.
  • Equip HE students with the necessary mindset, skills and competences necessary for succeeding in their future careers.
  • Raise awareness, motivation and knowledge level of important HE stakeholders on how to embed an entrepreneurial dimension into the existing curricula.
As a result, students in technical education will gain not only hard but also soft skills during their studies, transforming them to competent young professionals. This will offer a solution to EU wide unemployment by enabling people to create their own employment and become successful entrepreneurs that look beyond country borders
Project Coordinator
University of Lodz, Faculty of Management
Contact: Dr hab. Paweł Głodek
Email: pawel.glodek@uni.lodz.pl 
Project Partners
A & A Emphasys Interactive Solutions Ltd
Contact: Athos Charalambides
Email: info@emphasyscentre.com
Inqubator Leeuwarden
Contact: Nynke de Jager
Email: n.dejager@inqubator.nl 
Ege University
Contact: Dr. Özge Andiç-Çakir
Email: ozgeandic@gmail.com
Contact: Johan de Jager
Email: loran@laptify.nl 
The Polish Federation of Engineering Associations –  The Council of the West Pomeranian Region
Contact: Katarzyna Łobacz
Email: katarzyna.lobacz@hotmail.com
Coventry University
Contact: Benny Tjahjono
Email: ac8300@coventry.ac.uk