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Apprentice Preparation Training – New Approaches in Managing the Transition from Education to Employment

Short Description
This 30-month project seeks to address the new challenges in the labour market by exploring all the factors above & developing practical, user friendly and transferable solutions by nurturing and capitalising on the good work already happening in the partner countries and across Europe especially in apprenticeships.
To support this notion and develop new approaches to handling this transition process are the main objectives of the training elements in this project.
By gaining a unique level of access to young people who in the process of transition from education to work, we can get invaluable feedback about the State of the Art pertaining to Career Guidance whilst working together to develop new approaches matching the ever changing nature of the job market to the vocational skills of those entering work.
Project Coordinator
Lancaster & Morecamble College
Contact: John Latham
Email: j.latham@lmc.ac.uk
Project Partners
EAS28 – Comune di Ortona
Contact: Paola Paolini
Email: p.paolini@comuneortona.ch.it
Contact: Andreea Corina Ionel
Email: andreea.cleminte@euroed.ro
Contact: Mateusz Szal
Email: mateusz.szal@op.pl
Contact: Fabiana Rocchi
Email: info@submeet.eu
VSL Ziniu Kodas
Contact: Rasa Zilione
Email: info@ziniukodas.lt
Academia Postal 3
Contact: Miguel Caneda
Email: miguel.caneda@academiapostal3.es
A & A Emphasys Interactive Solutions Ltd
Contact: Athos Charalambides
Email: info@emphasyscentre.com