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Leadership for Diversity


Building inclusive and resilient schools through the CVET programme to enhance the competences of school leaders for the development of educational leadership and diversity management.

Short Description

Globalization is now a normal aspect of contemporary life. However, it appears that teachers and school leaders struggle to address the increasing diversity in the classroom and in the school environment, due to a lack of competencies to do so. As a result, the “Leadership to Diversity” project aims to foster and promote more inclusive school environments by enhancing the intercultural competencies of teaching staff and professionals with leadership responsibilities.

To achieve its goals and make the target group ‘globally competent’, the “Leadership for Diversity” project intends to generate two primary outcomes. Firstly, to build a leadership for diversity training program and secondly, to develop an online learning environment, where teachers and leaders can have free access to informative modules that will bridge any knowledge gap and equip them with intercultural skills.


Project Coordinator
Contact: Lina Klemkaite
Email: Lina.klemkaite@gmail.com


Project Partners
Hanzehogeschool Groningen Stiching
Contact: Marcel van der Poel
Email: m.h.van.der.poel@pl.hanze.nl


Momentum Marketing Services Limited
Contact: Lola Gonzalez
Email: lola@momentumconsulting.ie


A & A Emphasys Interactive Solutions Ltd
Contact: Athos Charalambides
Email: info@emphasyscentre.com
Contact: Catherine Rolland Landy
Email: c.rolland-landy@lelaba.eu


European School Heads Association
Contact: Myrthe Stienstra
Email: myrthestienstra@esha.org


Intercultures España & Latam SL
Contact: Marina Mancilla
Email: Marina.mancilla@intercultures.consulting