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STEAM3D Academy

STEAM3D Academy

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Rapidly-changing rules that govern the competitive labour market force teachers, educators and also students to respond to the needs of the economy. The needs of the changing world also entail huge educational challenges. STEAM aims at helping secondary school students be able to succeed in their higher levels of education, however, according to the EU policy in VET sector on average, 50% of young Europeans aged 15-19 participate in I-VET at upper secondary level.

The EU needs a skills revolution to ensure people can thrive in the green and digital transitions, and to help in the recovery from the coronavirus pandemic. A more digitalised and sustainable approach to acquiring specific skills will contribute to that goal for sure. Through this project the consortium wishes to increase an interest in quality VET education, among students and teachers, to enhance their unique and transversal skills, and to increase their adaptability to rapidly-changing labour market, attract their attention to the process of digitisation in education, as well as tendencies to green economy. At the same time, aspire to equip them in non-trivial competences, which will make them outstanding in the competitive labour market.

The project’s objectives correspond to a New Strategic Agenda for the EU 2019-2024 – building a climate-neutral, green, fair and social Europe. The initiative remains in compliance with European Commission’s priorities for 2019-2024 (Political Guidelines): an European Green Deal and a Europe fit for the digital age. This is also supported in European Skills Agenda 2020 which thoroughly specifies main skills for jobs and among others it emphasizes skills to support the green and digital transitions.

Our project gives the sound opportunity to strengthen the vocational skills of VET students specialised in engineering through the setting up of well-structured outcomes through which they will:
– boost knowledge and awareness regarding environmental issues such as: climate change, renewable energy sources, smog and carbon footprint;
– gain and expand specific knowledge in the field of design, engineering and dedicated graphic design software platforms taking the selected environmental issues into account while designing;
– develop passions and vocational competences leading to the choice of a career pathway;
– boost digital and media literacy for effective online promotion purposes;
– increase interest in STEAM-based approach to acquire peculiar skills, making their position in the labour market stronger than ever;
– increase employability opportunities through the development of specific skills.

Project Coordinator
Stowarzyszenie Oświatowe “EDUKATOR”
Contact: Magdalena Bednarek
Email: bednarek.magdalena@wp.pl
Project Partners
Contact: Olena Bilozerova
Email: international@openeurope.es
e-Nable Greece
Contact: Thanos Mitzifiris
Email: info@enabling.gr
A & A Emphasys Interactive Solutions Ltd
Contact: Athos Charalambides
Email: info@emphasyscentre.com
Contact: Daiva Žiuramskaitė
Email: info@ilcnet.lt
Contact: Aggeliki Karanasiou
Email: aggkar@yahoo.gr