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Skills for Work Opportunities in Enogastronomy and Tourism

Short Description
The tourism sector accounts for almost 25 million jobs in Europe (around 11% of the total employment). The sector provides employment both to highly qualified, as well as to low-skilled workers. It offers job opportunities to both workers who enter the job market for the first time and to people re-entering the job market. It is the largest employer of migrant workers, part-time workers, as well as female workers, and young people.
However, skills mismatch is among the fundamental problems hampering the competitiveness of the tourism industry. The competences acquired by tourism professionals at all levels of the skills spectrum during education and training often do not match the expected performance.
Education providers have a limited understanding of the requirements of employers and expectations of travellers in terms of the service provided.
At the same time, youth unemployment in the European Union remains unacceptably high, while many tourism enterprises are missing out on the best talent.
European institutions and VET stakeholders and policy makers have a convergent consensus on enhancing the effectiveness of Work based learning approaches is crucial for addressing and solving labour market imbalances.
The project aims at improving the cooperation between VET providers and companies in order to develop Work Based Learning approaches and market oriented training offer for the Tourism Sector.
Project Coordinator
CCD Mures
Contact: Cristiana Chira
Email: cristianachira@yahoo.com
Project Partners
Zinev Art Technologies
Contact: Miglena Molhova
Email: zinevart@gmail.com
Contact: Antonio Giordano
Email: antonio@pixel-online.net
Cia Firenze Servizi SRL
Contact: Salvatore Enrichetti
Email: s.enrichetti@cia.it
Associação Paredes pela Inclusão Social
Contact: Alexandra Teixeira
Email: alexandra.teixeira@cm-paredes.pt
Xano Channel Asociación para el desarrollo comunitario
Contact: María Àngeles Ruiz Gámez
Email: xanochannelassociation@gmail.com
A & A Emphasys Interactive Solutions Ltd
Contact: Athos Charalambides
Email: info@emphasyscentre.com