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An Innovative Programme to Promote the Employability and Inclusion of Youth With Fewer Opportunities in the Labour Market for a Sustainable Future

Short Description

The 3DBIZ4YOUTH project aims:

  •  To strengthen the profiles of YOUTH WORKERS, trainers or other professionals with DIGITAL – 3D MODELLING, DESIGN AND PRINTING (3D-M-P) COMPETENCES linked to social ENTREPRENEURIAL SKILLS, based on a comprehensive assessment procedure (eco-system of MICRO-CREDENTIALS)
  • To UPGRADE the key competences of Youth with fewer opportunities through the acquisition of 3D-P skills and to promote their access, inclusion and participation for a better career orientation.
  • To promote 3D-P as a means for eco-friendly approaches to be exploited as part of SOCIAL AND DIGITAL INNOVATION FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT.
Project Coordinator
IWM Gesellschaft für internationale Wirtschaftsförderung und Management mbH
Website: www.iwmgmbh.eu
Project Partners
A & A Emphasys Interactive Solutions Ltd
Website: www.emphasyscentre.com
Website: citizens-act.org