Robotics Lessons 2018-2019

Robotics is increasingly being considered as the fourth “R” of learning, “Reading, wRriting and aRithmetic” that modern-day students must understand to succeed in a highly competitive, technology-driven world. Robotics integrates all STEM fields in way no other subject can cover.

Robotics is the mother of all subjects. It integrates Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Control Engineering, Computer Science, Technology, Maths and Science. The hands-on experience of learning to design, build and program robots of increasing complexity can greatly boost young people’s teamwork and problem-solving abilities, while helping them to learn how abstract concepts of mathematics, engineering and computing actually work in practice. If young people get involved in robotics on a competitive level, they will encounter a whole new arena of exciting creative and practical challenges.

Emphasys Centre will be offering for the academic year 2017-2018 three different levels of Robotics courses:


Introduction to Robotics suitable for Primary School Students. Creating fun and educational projects with the use of the award winning Lego WeDo 2.0 and the all new Lego Boost. Students will construct a variety of different robotic contraptions and control them with companion applications from smartphones and tablets.


Introduction to Coding through Robotics suitable for Gymnasium  Students. With the use of Edison Robots which have been endorsed by the Australian education system and the Lego Mindstorms EV3 platform, students will be introduced to coding through Block Based Coding which is the de facto way to teach young students introductory programming, which involves dragging and matching different “blocks” of instructions.


Dive deep into programming through Robotics suitable for upper Gymnasium and High School students. Students will learn Python programming with Edison Robots – EdPython, utilise Lego Technic Sets and construct advance Lego Mindstorms projects, for example a robot solving the Rubik’s Cube. Students will be introduced to  Computer Engineering and Science by using and programming the Arduino Uno platform and creating complex autonomous robot cars with various functionalities.