Promoting inclusive strategies for disadvantaged seniors

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Duration: September 2017-February 2020

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The world population is aging causing changes in the society as whole. Aging is a global phenomenon. Senior citizens represent an important and ever growing part of our European population, economy and society. Irrespective of the current economic crisis, this poses manifold questions as to how member states can best ensure that these citizens are socially included, actively engaged and can fully enjoy all their rights. Although many senior citizens enjoy good health, aging often brings difficulties preventing older citizens from accessing goods and services and living independently. Ensuring accessibility for all is both a question of fundamental rights and crucial to making the most of the potential that senior citizens have in social and economic terms. Adult learning provides a means of up skilling or re-skilling those affected by unemployment and age, as well as makes an important contribution to social inclusion, active citizenship and personal development.

The Europe 2020 strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth acknowledges LLL and skills development as key elements in response to the current economic crisis, to demographic aging and to the broader economic and social strategy of the EU. The economic crisis has highlighted the major role which adult learning can play in achieving the Europe 2020 targets, by enabling adults – in particular the low-skilled, senior citizens and older workers – to improve their ability to adapt to changes in the labor market, the family and the society.

The consortium of the project includes the following partners:



CP.: Klas Tallvid



  • Acli Provinciale di Rimini

CP.: Valentina Grazia


  • A&A Emphasys Interactive Solutions Ltd, Cyprus

CP.: Athos Charalambides


  • National Center for scientific research “Demokritos”

CP.: Athanasios Drigas


  • Sdruzhenie Yuni Partners

CP.: Ilina Yakova