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Serious & Educational Video games

Specialising in Serious Games for the Corporate world and Educational Gamified Software for all sectors of education.

Serious & Educational Video Games

Specialising in Serious Games for the Corporate world and Educational Gamified Software for all sectors of education.

Dive into the world of hospitality with our immersive VR Hotel Service Assistant Training Simulation.

This virtual experience transports users directly into a hotel environment, where they take on the role of a service assistant.

Guided by a virtual mentor, users are trained in numerous of essential tasks that are at the heart of hotel operations.


VR Job Interview Simulation

Upon entering this VR environment, users are introduced to a hub designed as the gateway for selecting specific scenario-based vocational training.

An interactive virtual office administrator then presents a brief overview of each job, detailing the daily tasks and potential challenges one might encounter during the training

VR Tutorial

In this comprehensive VR tutorial, users are guided through the workings of VR controls, ensuring a seamless and immersive virtual reality experience.

Beginning with the basics, the tutorial explains the fundamental actions such as selecting and grabbing virtual objects with precision.

As users progress, they are introduced to advanced maneuvers including adeptly moving within the VR space and interacting with a range of elements in the virtual environment.

Jobs4All VR Simulation Game

This work showcases an early prototype of the VR Simulation designed for the Jobs4All project, which focuses on empowering youth workers and young people with disabilities in their pursuit of employment opportunities. The VR simulation immerses users in a range of simulated working environments, providing them with hands-on training for specific jobs. While the showcased prototype offers a glimpse into the potential of the immersive experience, it’s important to note that further development and refinement are underway. The ultimate goal is to deliver a robust and impactful VR training tool that equips participants with the necessary skills and confidence to excel in their desired professions, thereby fostering inclusivity and opening doors to meaningful employment.

Check out the project website here: www.jobs4all-project.eu

Finman Game for the Finman Project

The Finman Game is a video game that is designed to train individuals in financial management. The game is an excellent example of the digitalisation and gamification of training content. It uses a 3D environment that simulates a bank office, which provides a realistic and interactive experience for the players. The game delivers the key concepts and ideas from each training module by involving scenarios and dialogues that challenge the players to make financial decisions. The game is designed to be fun and engaging, making it an effective tool for financial education. By combining entertainment and education, Finman is an innovative approach to financial literacy that can benefit individuals of all ages.

Play the full game here: academy-finman.eu/finman-game/v6.0/index.html

SmartAInnovators Lucky game

This video game was designed for the promotion of high digital skills, including AI and Unity Game Development, in vocational education and training (VET) schools. It is crucial to empower young people with digital literacy, which is vital to enhancing their resistance to excessive online use, such as addictive gambling habits. Through the demonstration of how an AI model can predict lucky games, young people can learn about the potential benefits and risks of using technology for gaming and gambling.

Check out the game here: smartainnovators.eu

3D and VR Games

This is a sample sand-box creation designed by our team, which shows the capabilities of the Unity engine by creating highly detailed and realistic landscapes. The landscapes are not only visually stunning but also highly interactive. The Unity engine makes it possible to create sceneries that are almost indistinguishable from the real world, with textures, lighting, and shadows that are incredibly lifelike. The sand-box creation demonstrates the level of detail that can be achieved, allowing developers to create environments that are truly immersive both in 3D and in VR.

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