Skype Meetings

On the 23rd of March 2015, the first GRANKIT Skype meeting was arranged between the participants – grandparents from Germany (Hannover University) and Cyprus (Emphasys Centre). All grandparents were really excited and pleased with the opportunity that was given to them to learn how to use the computers, but perhaps more important the grandparents were thrilled with the prospect of using the social media, such Facebook and other communication platforms such as Skype.

All grandparents are currently at the stage of learning how to surf the internet to find useful information and how to use emails to communicate with other people. During the next lessons grandparents will be introduced to the use of Skype in order to communicate with their grandchildren, and will also set up their Facebook accounts.

It has to be emphasized that all grandparents expressed their gratitude and happiness for being part of this programme, while during the first Skype meeting they have also expressed their appreciation to the European Union for funding this type of programmes for senior-citizens.

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