Staff and Associates


Athos Charalambides

Athos Charalambides is the founder and director of the Emphasys Centre. He has studied in the United Kingdom where he has obtained a bachelor degree in Computer Science and a Masters’ Degree in User Interface Design. After the completion of his studies he has worked for several years as a software developer both in the UK and Cyprus earning valuable work experience. Equipped with determination, passion and vision to make an impact on the provision of services, professional and educational, he has initially set up an ICT Centre – Emphasys Interactive Solutions specializing in ICT sales, software development, networking, consultancy and support which has gained great success. His passion for teaching and learning has led him to set up a “Centre for Vocational Education and Training” specializing in ICT for learners of all ages. Based on the idea that “education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today”, he managed to create a highly successful educational centre that caters for the lifelong learning of all people. His restless spirit and the success of the ICT Training Centre have led him to extend his expertise into the area of research, innovation and experimentation. His passion for quality, professionalism and development made him set up the Emphasys Research Centre with the scope to expand the activities of the Educational Centre within the area of lifelong learning by being involved in the implementation of European projects.

Nicholas Moudouros

Nicholas Moudouros is an ICT specialist and an educationalist with advanced studies in Computer Science and Data Communications Systems in the United Kingdom. He has joined our team at Emphasys Centre and started his journey into teaching several years ago and he has been fascinated by the impact that a ‘teacher’ can make in the lives of his students. He has been involved in adult education and training in the field of ICT and has gained great experience working with learners of various ages and abilities. He has been involved in the design, implementation and assessment of various custom-made training courses. As a software developer he has been involved in numerous software packages. He is currently involved in the EU project tilted “GRANKIT” and is responsible for the development of the ICT syllabus, the ICT teaching material and the website to be used for the purposes of the project.

Sylvie Mantis

Sylvie has followed her passion for helping people by completing her first research and practical degree in Counseling Psychotherapy in 1991 and then her postgraduate research degree in Educational Studies in 2000, focusing on using experience as a learning tool while working with Cypriot women as her case study. Sylvie majored in working with issues of sexual abuse and rape and has been offering one to one and group support to victims and survivors. She works closely with the Association for the Prevention and Handling of violence in the Family, and Cyprus Family Planning Association, mentoring and supporting the staff and volunteers on a regular basis and served a term as President of accept-LGBT Cyprus which works towards the acceptance and acknowledgement of all sexual identities and orientations. Sylvie has extensive facilitation experience, working both with therapeutic issues as well as capacity building skill sets, in the wider NGO world, both in English and Greek and has collaborated on many funded projects (Eg.USAID, EEA grants Daphne III).  To this end, Sylvie works closely with the N.G.O Support Centre and amongst her collaborations she has worked with, the School for the Blind, UNDP ACT, INTRAC,The Management Centre, KYTD, various Parents Associations, POED, Lionsquest, as well as the Ministry of Education and Culture, the Police academy, the Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance and the Human Rights and Education Network. Sylvie works towards self-empowerment and self-actualisation, guiding towards realizing individual fully functioning potential, having trained in the Person Centred Approach, and being an avid, Jung and Personal Construct Psychology follower.

Theodoros Antoniou

Theodoros Antoniou is one of the initial students of Emphasys Centre who later went on to study Computer Science at the University of Manchester and University of Nottingham where he completed his postgraduate studies. He is an expert Software Developer specializing in Front End Web Development, Mobile Web Development, with experience developing for enterprise scale projects as well as experience from various industries such as Travel & Tourism and Financial sectors. He is currently working for an industry leading company, in online trading platforms for Foreign Exchange, Equities and other asset markets. He has a keen interest in e-learning, especially Mobile Learning application used for student non-formal learning. Fascinated by the joy of teaching and learning Theodoros works as a tutor, providing help and guidance to students of various disciplines with their computing studies.

Apostolis Amprazis

Apostolis Amprazis is a Speech Therapist/ Special Educator with advanced studies and great experience in the field. He holds a Bachelor degree in Speech Therapy and a Masters’ Degree in Speech and Developmental disorders. He has a great clinical experience of working with children with learning disabilities for more than 700 hours. Having a strong belief that learning disabilities are better understood through collaborative professional work, he has worked together with psychologists, occupational therapists and other special educators in special education centers for more than 10 years. His passion for special education has led him to adopt a variety of methods for addressing speech disorders, learning disabilities and the attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Apostolis is a hard-working professional, highly consistent and passionate with his area of expertise. New challenges have been appeared in front of him as he has moved to Cyprus to get involved in joint projects for introducing effective methods of special education courses with the aim of maximizing the learning capacities and increasing the education capital of all children.

Eleftherios Christodoulou

Mr Eleftherios Christodoulou is an ICT professional with a computer science Bsc and MEng Degree from University of Bristol in the United Kingdom. During his studies in university he has been involved in the development of various projects ranging from the creation of a multiplayer game for Bristols 3D planetarium to conducting research for the behaviour of neuronal structures. The diversity of the projects has allowed him to develop a wide range of skills as well as be able to adapt depending on the needs of the situation.

Demetra Orthodoxou 

Demetra Orthodoxou is a logistic minded professional with advanced studies (MSc) in Operations Research and Logistics from Wageningen University (Netherlands).  Having a Bachelor Degree from the UK in Computer Science, Demetra decided to follow further studies in the field of social sciences. Her advanced communication, interpersonal and problem solving skills, together with her determination and adaptability to work and live in different environments supported her extremely well.  Demetra strongly believes that ‘computing’ is not just a field of the sciences, but a ‘way of thinking out of the box’. She is a great supporter of the benefits that computational logic and algorithms can provide to students’ overall learning. She has a particular interest for further research in the fields of education, training, youth and sport that stem from her broad studies in different European educational systems.  During the last years Demetra has gained valuable experience working with multicultural and multidisciplinary teams, both in formal and non-formal settings with a variety of learners of all ages. Based on this she has developed an urge and passion to work with young people aiming to motivate them and open up new routes for them for career guidance and orientation. Demetra is also an active member of environmental NGOs and a great supporter of sports, outdoor activities and healthy lifestyle.

Chrystalla Thrasyvoulou 

Chrystalla Thrasyvoulou is an IT professional (MSc) in Information Systems and (BSc) in Business Information Technology from University of Portsmouth in the United Kingdom. Her main interest for social media has led her to understand further the power of IT. She is able to communicate complex information to individuals and groups as well. Chrystalla paired her passion for social media and project management. She loves planning her schedule and managing her time due to her strong organization skills. Thus, she believes that strong relationships between people, collaboration and commitment are essential for success.