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Do you want to develop your own games and build robots?

Register until 30/06/2021 and get 4 months of free STEAM Courses or ECDL

Available Seats: 20/20


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    “I think Robotics is the best subject! I wish we had them at school also. My favourite robots are the Lego Mindstorms! You can do so much with them! We built a snake with sensors on it and a spider with tentacles that can detect movement! I cannot wait for next year’s course with more robotic challenges!”

    Natalia, 14

    “My favourite subject at school is Computer Science. The STEAM course here has helped see the potential and all other subjects I can pursue at University! I would have to say my favourite programming language is C++ in combination with the Arduino Robots!”

    Christos, 15

    “At school I my favourite lessons are arts and design! At Emphasys I get to do 3D design and 3D printing, which we do not have at school. This year I had the opportunity to design, print and colour my very own ‘Among Us’ figurine, which I now keep in my pencil case.”

    Maria, 12

    “Mr Robotakis (a.k.a Mr Nicholas) is the best! He always makes sure the lesson is fun and I have made new friends outside from school. My favourite lessons are with the Robot REA.”

    Anna, 8

    “The classes are not only theoretical, we start with a bit of theory and jump straight into hands-on practical activities. My favourite lessons are game design with UNITY, where I get to design my own video games and ever VR simulations!”

    Andreas, 16

    “These lessons are very useful for anyone who is interested in doing any STEM related studies in the future. You learn programming through robotics, game design and flying drones! I’m always excited for my next lesson!”

    Alex, 17