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Presenting the SWOT project to the Regional Technical and Agricultural School of Avgorou

Emphasys Centre had the pleasure of visiting the Regional Technical and Agricultural School of Avgorou on the 17th of April 2019, where a successful and constructive Work Based Learning activity was organised, as part of the Erasmus+ VET Project ‘SWOT: Skills for Work Opportunities in Enogastronomy and Tourism’.

The school contributes towards meeting the targets and new trends of the European Union for high-quality VET programmes with the appropriate infrastructure, modern facilities, well-qualified staff and targeted curricula that are in line with the needs of the labour market.
VET Tutors and students participated in this activity where the SWOT project and its products such as the SWOT portal were presented.

The project’s portal offers the opportunity to VET companies to advertise the WBL placements available for VET Students wishing/or required to carry out a virtual internship.

As part of the activity, students, tutors and teachers participated in workshops where they were given the opportunity to reflect on the advantages and disadvantages of work-based learning, and on the necessity to bridge the gap between school education and the labour market for the benefits of the students-future employees.

Emphasys Centre invites VET students who are interested to find a placement and companies that offer such placements, to visit the SWOT platform: https://swot.pixel-online.org/virtual_platform/

Taking this opportunity we would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to the head teacher and teaching staff of the Regional Technical and Agricultural School of Avgorou for their warm welcome and cooperation. We would also like to thank Mr Thanasis Arsenis for his willingness and support towards organizing a successful activity. We are looking forward to visiting the school again to organize more interactive workshops for students and in-service training courses for the professional development of VET trainers.

For more information please visit our website: www.swot.pixel-online.org
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