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EUVocationalSkillsWeek – ENTRE@VETSCHOOLS!

By November 13, 2020No Comments
👨‍🎓 Vocational education and training (VET) responds to the needs of the economy, but also provides learners with skills important for personal development and active citizenship.
Emphasys Centre supports the initiative of the European Commission #EUVocationalSkillsWeek (9-13 November 2020). The EU Vocational Skills Week is an annual event, which offers an opportunity to exchange information and good practice about vocational education and training across Europe and beyond.
Emphasys Centre actively promotes and supports VET education by participating in the European Erasmus+ VET project, ENTRE@VETSCHOOLS: Promoting Key Competences (Entrepreneurship) through an integrated career orientation programme and flexible learning pathways for VET students.
 The ENTRE@VET programme aims to:
👉support career advisors and VET trainers to upgrade the services provided to VET students for a better career orientation towards entrepreneurial routes;
👉to create Career Hubs, based on synergies with key stakeholders in the labour market, to offer work-based learning opportunities to students;
👉Introducing the Open Badges as a method to validate and award the skills and competences acquired.
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