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The All4Inclusion project!

By January 14, 2021No Comments
📝 Check out the EU ADULT LEARNING INDEX presenting the current scene in UK, GERMANY, POLAND, PORTUGAL, CYPRUS and GREECE in relation to provision of LifeLong Learning opportunities for disadvantaged adults which will include challenges, needs, policies, strategies etc.
💡 The survey was conducted amongst 13-20 Adult Educators and 11-29 Adult Learners in each country. A total of 106 Adult Educators and 112 Adult Learners responded to the survey.
❗ The survey was accomplished within the framework of the KA2 Erasmus+ project ALL4INCLUSION: “A TOOL KIT with Effective Outreach and Motivational Strategies for Upgrading the key Competences of Marginalized & Vulnerable low Skilled Adults with a focus on Senior Citizens: Ensuring Social Inclusion, Access, and Participation in the Digital era”, along with five distinguished organisations from different European countries:
📣 Check out our website: https://all4inclusion.eu/ and
📣 Follow our FB project page https://www.facebook.com/all4inclusion and stay updated‼️