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The Finman Project!

🔊 “A person either disciplines his finances or his finances disciplines him”. – Orrin Woodward
💶 Since financial literacy is an important topic of knowledge that needs to be developed by all people, the FINMAN project is here to facilitate that! It aims to help adults acquire basic knowledge and a clear understanding in regards to financial literacy. The consortium has already started working on the division of modules and many more activities.
👉 One of the latest products of the project is its first newsletter! It was developed by: RCCI (Bulgaria), UPI (Slovenia), CBE (Belgium), FEUZ (Spain), Atlantis Engineering (Greece), Eurocrea Merchant (Italia), Emphasys Centre (Cyprus) and IDEC (Greece).
Find out more about the project, its consortium, its aims and objectives as well as its next steps by checking out the newsletter! 👇