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The I-AID Workshops!

🥺 Social distancing and loneliness have accelerated during the pandemic which has caused an increase in the prevalence of internet addiction.
📱 The Erasmus+ I-AID Project aims to develop an online tool that will help adults who deal with situations of excessive preoccupation with the Internet/Screen to equip them with the skills to modify their behaviour.
💯 On the 2nd and 7th of June 2021, Emphasys Centre organised 2 online sessions to Pilot the I-AID project. During the sessions, the projects’ objects and aims were presented as well as the Internet Addiction Pal which received very positive feedback!
🤝 We would like to thank our participants who have supported the project and our partners for the great collaboration CIVIC (UK), Advancis Business Services (Portugal), Asserted Knowledge – AKNOW (Greece), Nottingham Trent University (UK) and CWEP (Poland).
🔎 You can find more on the project’s website: https://i-aid.erasmus.site/