The first results of 3D2ACT!

The first results of 3D2ACT!
The consortium of 3D2ACT is thrilled to announce that the first results of the project are ready!
:one: a collection of good practices in the field of digitalisation, industry 4.0 and 3D technologies at National and European levels which are presented on the mapping tool: https://3d2act.eu/mapping-tool/
:two: a monitoring report presenting the current situation in partner countries
:three: an eData Bank glossary presenting useful resources and tools related to the teaching of 3D technologies, social entrepreneurship, STEAM and robotics
:four: an Advisory Committee Group for guidance and support in terms of the quality of the products!
For more information, please visit our project website https://3d2act.eu/ and follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/3d2act.eu/
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Check out the mapping tool below!