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✌️ Something exciting is coming!! ✌️

By October 4, 2021No Comments
✌️ Something exciting is coming!! ✌️
💯 The ENGAGE partners (ZRC SAZU InterAktion, Δήμητρα Εκπαιδευτικός Οργανισμός, Stichting Amsterdam European Mobility, Cyprus Refugee Council, Cefas – Centro di Formazione ed Alta Specializzazione,  kitev, MetropolisNet and Dramblys and Emphasys Centre, are currently working on the development of the Competence framework of the “WELCOME” Educational Pack for migrant women. Taking into consideration the needs and characteristics of TCN women in each country, we are currently preparing the basis (knowledge, skills, attitudes) on which the WELCOME Educational Pack for migrant women will be based on.
The topics of the materials are:
👉 Settlement into the new community
👉 Soft skills
👉 ICT Skills
👉 Professional Development Skills
👏 Emphasys Centre is a partner of the AMIF Project “ENGAGE: Development of inclusivE iNteGration pAths 4 miGrant womEn” which aims to increase TCN women’s capability to enter the labour market and social life of the host society, via the organization of Up-Skilling Workshops, Job Shadowing Schemes and cross-cultural activities. The direct target groups of the project are TCN women and Labour Market Stakeholders (LMS), and the indirect groups are TCNs, local citizens (women and men), professionals, policymakers, NGOs and the general public.
✨ Follow Emphasys Centre to check out all the updates of the project: https://emphasyscentre.com/research/amif/engage/