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🎉The Skills4Parents team meets face2face for the C1 training activity!

By October 27, 2021No Comments
🎉The Skills4Parents team meets face2face for the C1 training activity!
👉 The Erasmus+ Project SKILLS4PARENTS aims to improve the personal growth, communication, and parenting skills of parents as well as the professional skills of adult educators.
📆Between the 19th and the 21st of October, the consortium finally met face2face for the first time in Protaras, Cyprus for the C1 training activity. EACG organized a hybrid event as some of the partners could not attend the meeting physically.
👉 During the 4-day training session, each partner organisation presented their learning package to the other partners as well as to adult trainers and parents that attended the training physically.
👉 The first day began with a short welcoming by the host EACG and an Introduction to the Skills4Parents training guide by COFACE.  Next, EACG presented their training session on Learning Package 1: Communication Skills, followed by Learning package 2: Mediation Skills presented by Incubator. On day 2, DLearn trained the participants on Learning Package 3: Problem Solving & Goal Setting Skills and in the afternoon StepbyStep provided training for Learning Package 4: Empowerment Skills. On the final day, Emphasys provided the training on Learning Package 5: Digital Skills in the morning, and during the afternoon all partners provided feedback and evaluation on all the Learning Packages and discussed the next steps for consolidating the Skills4Parents Guide.
🙏A huge thank you to the host EACG (Cyprus) for the organisation and to the rest of the partners COFACE Families Europe (Belgium), PA Step by step (Croatia), DLEARN (Italy), and Stichting Incubator (Netherlands) for their active participation and feedback.
💯Looking forward to seeing everyone again in the near future!
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