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The KA1 Course – Creativity, an essential skill for teachers was successfully completed!

❗ Complex problem solving and creative thinking are required acquisitions in society and the labour market, therefore creativity is one of the fundamental abilities for the twenty-first century. Educational institutions stress the importance of youngsters being innovative and future-ready. So, why is the education sector behind?
💯 In April 2022, Emphasys Centre organised the KA1 Course – Creativity, an essential skill for teachers: Because a classroom can be a place of creativity!
🇷🇴 🇮🇹 During the course, trainers from Romania and Italy learned more about creative thinking and teamwork/teambuilding skills, were introduced to many digital creative tools and interactive activities and gained knowledge on how to apply them to their classrooms and organisations. Trainers also had the opportunity to explore different places around the island and get to know more about Cypriot culture and cuisine.
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