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The consortium of the project ‘READY, TEDDY GO!’, scheduled an online meeting today, to discuss about the forthcoming activities of the project, including a TEDDY AVATAR!
🧸The “Ready Teddy Go!” project, aims to promote inclusion and diversity in all field of education and to develop social/ civic and digital competences of SEN students.
🔊All the partners’ updated each other, regarding their tasks and responsibilities for the upcoming Project Results and shared an exciting presentation, displaying the features of the project’s website!
🧸Check our new website here: https://readyteddygo.eu/
🙏A big thank you to the partners for this good collaboration; Politechnika Lodzka (Poland), e-Nable (Greece), Fundacjia IRIS (Poland), Open Europe (Spain), Istituto dei Sordi di Torino (Italy) and Sutrikusio intelekto zmoniu globos bendrija “Vilniaus Viltis” (Lithuania).
Stay tuned with our project’s progress!