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World Environment Day

💭”In the universe are billions of galaxies, in our galaxy are billions of planets, but there is Only One Earth”. 🌍 – UN Environment Programme (UNEP)
🐨People and wildlife are struggling to adapt to a changing climate;
🌲Habitat loss and other pressures have put an estimated 1 million species at risk of extinction;
🏭Pollution continues to pollute our air, land, and water.
👉The only way to get out of this dilemma is to reform our economies and communities to make them more inclusive, fair, and environmentally conscious. We must make the transition from damaging to healing the world.
⚙️The good news is that solutions and technology are available and becoming more affordable.
The campaign for World Environment Day 2022 is called #OnlyOneEarth. It urges for worldwide collective, revolutionary action to honor, protect, and restore our planet. 🌍
👇Emphasys Centre supports this day by participating in the following EU projects:
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