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Back 2 Future C1 – Training Activity

👉 Between the 25th-29th of June 2022, the C1 Short-Term joint staff training event for the KA2 Erasmus+ Back2Future Youth project was conducted in Cyprus in Omodos village, located in the Limassol district.
💯 The project Back to the Future – redefining follow-up of international youth events will address this specific need and provide sustainable solutions for overcoming this challenge in many youth organisations.
👏 During the C1 Short-Term joint staff training event, the participants trained each other on the materials developed for IO2 were presented, as well as the project platform and the upcoming tasks and events of the proejct!
🙏 A big thank you once again to the coordinator of the project MRL (Germany), as well as the rest of our partners CGE (Germany), Plattform Generation Europa (Austria), TE IS (Hungary), and Omladinska Udruga Podum (Croatia).
👉 For more information, check out: http://back2thefuture.4learning.eu/
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