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The LTTA for the ART&SIGNS project!

Individuals with hearing loss may be discouraged from attending events at museums due to previous experience having difficulty hearing in public spaces” – Linsey et al., 2013.
🖌️🎨The ART&SIGNS Project was developed in accordance to another European project, also known as the MADE project. From this initial research, it was identified that the existing services that can enable Deaf individuals to enjoy and participate in cultural activities, specifically in museums, are very minimal. Therefore, the ART&SIGNS project aims to train museum workers, by providing them with the basic language and technical skills to be able to welcome Deaf visitors in their facilities. The ART&SIGNS consortium met in Iasi, Romania, in combination with a hybrid meeting, to effectively completed the Learning, Teaching and Training activity (LTTA) of the project!
🤘In other words, this significant gathering was vital for the progress of the project, since partners from various organizations collaborated and shared their expertise ideologies on the matter of communication amongst the hearing and the Deaf community. Specifically, this training week aimed to tackle the barriers that Museum Workers face when interacting with individuals from the Deaf community, whilst simultaneously taking into account the communication preferences of individuals with hearing loss!
🙏A massive thank you to the hosting organization ANPEDA (Romania), to the coordinator INNOSIGN s.r.o (Slovakia) and to the other partner organizations; TUPEP (Italy), A.U.S.R.U (Italy), Pragma Engineering (Italy), Dennis Hoogeveen Consultancy (Netherlands) and PREDIF (Spain) for this collateral cooperation.